Christ the King 
Lutheran Church 3330 Rt. 27 Kendall Park
  Sundays at 9:30 am
     Worship Service with Holy Communion
      Sunday School & G.I.F.T at 10:45 am

The Rev. Dale Selover
Youth Group
If you are at all interesting in our youth group, have questions or want to be put on the youth group phone list, contact

Regular Events 
We spend time in Christian fellowship and grow together in faith at our
Youth Group Meetings -- Social Events 
(see below for more information)

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What happens at youth group meetings?  

We usually meet for two hours from 6-8pm on Sunday nights. We hold the meetings at CtK or a youth group member's home. We often start with a home cooked meal and casual conversation, then we play some games and sing one or two songs that reflect the theme of the night. The last 45 minutes are spent in theological discussion. Some themes that we have discussed recently are "Is God Active in the World?" and "Is God Human, Divine, or Both?"  We have also discussed doubt, themes of atonement in popular children books and films, and even a theological reflection of allies in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Future Chat and Chews will seek to tackle questions about prayer, sin, miracles, and why bad things happen to good people. 

What types of social events do you hold?
It varies.  These events are another way we foster a closer community.  

Who can come to meetings or social events?
Anyone in high school.