Christ the King

Lutheran Church 3330 Rt. 27 Kendall Park

 Sundays at 9:30 am

    Worship Service with Holy Communion

     G.I.F.T Hour at 10:45 am

The Rev. Dale Selover

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CtK ministries (below) are led by teams of member with the assistance of the Pastor.   Most teams meet regularly.  Other teams may develop around a particular project, event or ministry, such at the Pumpkin Patch.  The aim of each team is to enrich aspects of our life together at CtK for the glory of God. 

Anyone with a particular passion for, general interest in or simple curiosity about any of the teams is welcome to join.  Time and Talent Sheets are available to indicate interest in a particular team.  See the folder at the Sing-Up Center for the form and turn it in in the offering plate or into Pastor Kim's box in the workroom.  

The Altar Guild is responsible for the preparation of the altar for worship and communion each week throughout the church calendar.    

The Education Team oversees all our programs that seek to help persons toward a better understanding of the scriptures and toward a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and God's word. CtK has a Sunday School for pre-K through sixth grade, Confirmation preparation classes, a Youth Group and periodic Adult Education programs.  

The Social Ministry Team seeks to inform members of opportunities to give time, money, and abilities to address situations of social concern and personal need throughout CtK's local and global community.  

The Property Team is responsible for both inside and outside maintenance of the church, parish house, and grounds. The Team is involved in all aspects of maintenance and capital improvement as well as building use by other groups. The Team also coordinates the spring and fall clean-ups which all members are participate in.   

The Worship and Music Team assists the Pastor and Director of Music in developing and maintaining the worship life of our congregation. The areas with which it is concerned include the choir, lay worship leaders such as deacons, acolytes, and cantors, ushers, special music, and the planning of worship occasions which answer the needs of our congregation and our community.

The Mutual Ministry Team assists the Pastor to evaluate and foster ministry efforts at CtK that support and enrich the life of the church.  

The King's Men are CtK's men's group. They take an active part in providing fellowship to the congregation through sponsoring sporting events, the church picnic, and other events as planned.  Service is also part of their agenda. They move tables for the flea market, put up the Christmas Tree for decorating, and decorate the outside of the Church for Christmas.  

The Finance and Stewardship Team has responsibility for overseeing and managing the financial affairs of the church (bill paying, bookkeeping, financial records, budgeting. In addition, the Team encourages persons to give financially to the work of the church. The Team plans and directs the annual fall funding appeal for the next year's Congregation budget. It coordinates special appeals for giving and informs the congregation of various needs and opportunities to give to God's work beyond the Congregation. The Team works to foster giving in proportion to our personal resources.